You probably didn't realize that I can do a toe reading for you no matter where you live in the world. Thanks to the power of the internet and digital or phone cameras, I don’t have to be sitting with you to do a reading, you can simply send a digital photo!  And to answer the question you are thinking:  No, I don’t do Skype!


I would need the photo taken from about knee height, whether you are taking it or someone else is taking it.  If you are taking it, the easiest way is to sit down and bend over.  Be sure to roll up your pants legs, or have bare lower legs (like in a pair of shorts).  Make sure you have both feet, flat on the floor with about 2” between them; make sure your body does not shadow your feet.  Then send the photo (or maybe two) as an email attachment to: .


Once you have purchased your session, you will be taken to a questionnaire. Please complete this questionnaire regarding some of the features of your feet (bunions, callouses, corns, ingrown toenails, freckles, scabs, etc.). When you have completed the questionnaire, please click on submit.  Your answers will come directly to me via my website. 


You will then receive a written report, usually 10-12 pages, with a follow up telephone call to discuss some of my observations, if you desire.


I’m looking forward to giving you some insight into the messages from your subconscious regarding your path on earth.


Nancy has done readings for guests at birthday parties, bride parties, family get-togethers, book clubs, etc.  For details, use the “Contact Us” link.  

On-line Toe Reading


Nancy spends two to three hours analyzing the photos provided, incorporating your responses to the questionnaire, and preparing the written report.  Each written report is 10-15 pages.  If desired, Nancy also includes a follow-up session of up to 15 minutes on the phone, or follow-up by email if you prefer.  This is an outstanding value which is over 50% less than a comparable phone session and provides a written record for future reference.

After you purchase your online session, you will be redirected to a questionnaire which must be submitted to complete your reading. If for some reason you are not redirected, please click here to submit your answers.


30 Minute Toe Reading (In Person or Telephone)

For a telephone reading, you will need to provide photos of your toes and feet.  (See instructions above.)  The questions on the questionnaire will be covered during the reading.  An MP3 recording of the session will be provided if desired.  For an in-person reading, Nancy will come to you or a meeting will be set up at a convenient location which will afford privacy.  You may record your in-person reading if desired. 

60 Minute Toe Reading (In Person or Telephone)

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