The most frequent question I’m asked is:  How did you get into Toe Reading?  The answer is a bit longer than the question.


I was first aware of Toe Reading about seven years ago at a large national conference held in Scottsdale, Arizona called “Celebrate Your Life.”  There were “free” toe readings, so I thought, “Why not?”  In a ten-minute reading, my reader told me more about myself than most of my family knows!  The accuracy was spot on. 


I tend to be a bit cautious when it comes to new things, so when I went to the Celebrate Your Life conference in Chicago about six months later, I had another reading.  Once again, spot on.  Not to be deterred, I had a third reading back in Scottsdale six months later.  All different readers, all strangers, all telling me about different aspects of me, all spot on.  I was convinced:  There had to be something to this!  I immediately signed up for a workshop from the originator of Toe Reading, KC Miller, at the next Chicago conference six months after that. 


At the time, I was searching for my path.  I knew I was a healer, a teacher and a writer, but I didn’t know how that would all be combined into my “path.”  During the workshop, KC was walking around the room speaking, went past me on my aisle seat, backed up, emphatically pointed right at me and said:  “What if YOU were the Messenger sent by Spirit to help this Soul back on its path?”  I felt like I had been struck by a thunderbolt!  To me, this was a direct message from the Universe, delivered through KC.  I signed up for her all-day workshop at the next Conference in Scottsdale.


The all-day workshop was actually the first level "Introduction to Toe Reading".  I was hooked.  Absolutely and totally hooked. (Or is that toe-tally?)  I immediately signed up for every class in Toe Reading that was available at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ, the only location where it is taught.  Over the next two years, I traveled from my home in Washington state to Arizona to take each class, eventually attaining the level of Master Toe Reader.  For me, it was a coveted honor.


I have been reading toes professionally since my Level 1 certification, and over these last five years, I have read thousands of toes, both in my private practice and at fairs, expos and parties.  I love being a Toe Reader and now am so grateful for the message from KC all those years ago.  For me, SHE was the messenger sent by Spirit to help ME back onto my path.  I am blessed.


In addition to Toe Reading, I am certified by Louise Hay as a Heal Your Life® Coach and Workshop Facilitator. I am also a Reiki Master and a certified Reflexologist.  In addition, I am a published author, an anchor writer and contributing author for several magazines.  Further, I am a co-owner of a publishing company, Visionary Insight Press, and give frequent writers’ workshops.  I travel extensively to do Toe Readings at various fairs and expos around the country and to do classes and workshops on Toe Reading.

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